Geo-Prospect Ltd. operates in accordance with the global and local changes, to promote the field of waste handling in Israel, from both the planning and the environmental perspectives. This activity includes planning of central landfills and transition zones as well as coming up with solutions for waste handling – compostation, sorting and recycling, instead of using landfills. The company has projects of creating energy from waste as well.

Examples for such projects for which environmental documents have been prepared: 
RDF sorting plant – Hiriya
Landfills – waste disposal sites (WDS) – Ef'a, Mishor Adumin, Evron, Dudaim, Te'enim, WDS Abu Dis, WDS Ma'ale Amos, WDS Ze'elim, Bareket.
Sorting and recycling sites – Dudaim, Te'enim
Composting sites – Mivtahim, Ohad, Compost Hevel Ayalot, Shuva, Sa'ad, Heletz, Arava Tichona.
Locating sites for the treatment and burial of dry waste – management and promotion of construction waste landfills in three counties – for the Ministry of Environmental Protection
Sites for sorting and burial of dry waste and construction waste – Hiriya, Og Wadi, Eitan, Hefetz Haim, Kochav Michael.