The story of Geo-prospect

Geo-prospect is the first geological consulting company in Israel. The company was founded in 1971 by two men of vision: Noah Lasman and Moshe  Braun. Noah Lasman, a partisan fighter from the Second World War, studied economic geology in Poland, and upon immigrating to Israel in 1956 became the first Israeli economic geologist. Moshe Braun, of one the “Tehran Children”, a holocaust survivor of the Second World War, studied geology in Israel, and was head of the mapping department at the Geological Survey of Israel. The first works were in the fields of concrete, aggregates, lime, river pebbles, oil shales, hydro-geology, and engineering geology, for clients such as: Nesher, Even VeSid, Ministry of Transportation, IDF, and others. The first ever report by Geo-prospect investigated the route for the express train to Jerusalem. Additionally, the company began working on projects in the mineral industry in Colombia, Ethiopia and Zair. As a pioneer in the field of geological consulting in Israel, Geo-Prospect Ltd. has employed many young geologists, and so has trained generations of geologists and contributed immensely to the nurturing and developing of professional standards of geology in Israel. In fact, many of the leading geologists in Israel in research and in the private sector, were at some point employed by Geo-Prospect Ltd.

Upon completing his MSc. degree, Doron Braun has joined the company and lead it to be the larest company for geological consulting in Israel. The environment and planning departments were established upon Sharon Cohen's joining the company.

The combination of geology, environment, planning and soil contamination departments place Geo-Prospect Ltd. at the cross-roads between entrepreneurship and construction and protecting natural values. This unique point of view allows Geo-Prospect Ltd. to take an important part in building and developing the country as well as serve as an environmental ally.