Doron Braun, M.Sc.

CEO of Geo-prospect Ltd.

Geologist. Doron has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of quarrying, planning and construction, and infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad. Doron is an expert in project management and work cooperation with planning authorities.  Doron has led more than five hundred infrastructure projects. He has extensive experience in managing planning teams and advancement of statutory procedures with the various planning authorities. Doron has abundant experience in dry and solid waste disposal projects.
M.Sc., with honours
Completed course in environmental planning of petrol storage installations, Technion Institute

Moshe (Mobra) Braun, M.Sc.

President and founder of Geo-prospect Ltd.

Geologist, with over 45 years experience, expert in quarrying geology. Mobra has been involved in more than one thousand projects in the field of geology, geo-hydrology, engineering geology, and quarrying. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences and an honorary member of the Israel Geological Society, president of the society from 1992-1993.

Administrative Staff

Revital Adam

Administrative Manager

Nechama Segal, CPA

Financial Manager

Sami Salah Shihada

Logistics and Purchasing


Land Department

Edo Guttman, M.Sc. in Agronomy

Manager of the land department. Consultant in soil and water pollution -  certified soil samples , Edo carries out historical surveys (Phase 1), land surveys, soil gas and groundwater ( Phase 2) and the planning and construction of rehabilitation systems and groundwater. He has experience in working with government bodies, the energy industry, as well as management of the cooperation with similar agencies s abroad. He completed graduate work in remediation and rehabilitation of groundwater at Princeton University, USA.


Elisa Kagan, Ph.D.

Earthquake expert, Elisa works in seismic hazard assessment. She has years of experience in paleoseismology using cave and lake sediments, has worked in U-Th carbonate-dating labs and is knowledgeable in C-14 dating and modeling. Elisa has applied sedimentology, archaeoseismology, mapping, and petrography. She has also been translating and editing geological and environmental documents for Geo-prospect for many years.


Moshe (Gabi) Givon, M.Sc.

Senior geologist, Gabi has more than 40 years of experience in Israel and abroad. He has worked in engineering geology, hydro-geology, raw materials, minerals, metals, and photo-geology. In addition Gabi has experience in marine engineering projects.

Sorin Lisker, Ph.D.

Head of tunneling geological team, Sorin has experience in mapping tunnels and caves, in oil exploration with a specialty in marine exploration for Isramco, and other geological marine surveys. Sorin also has know-how in paleo-seismic and paleo-environmental studies.

Ron Algon, B.Sc.

Tunneling geologist, experience in rock and soil geotechnical engineering.

Keren Koldner, Ph.D.

Senior geologist, Keren has worked on major projects in the fields of minerals and metals, energy, seismic hazard assessment, Coastal cliff stability, Oil sands and raw materials in Israel and globally. Keren has experience as well in metamorphic environments, mineralogy, dating, mineral separation, and enrichment processes.

Eshhar Zafrir, B.Sc.

Geologist with experience in raw materials, seismic hazard assessment, soil contamination. Eshhar is a certified soil sampler, and has worked with geo-marine surveys.

Ofir Ronen, M.Sc.

Geologist, team leader, has a wide range of project experience in the field of minerals, metals, raw materials, engineering geology, seismic hazard assessment, and hydro-geology in Israel and abroad. Ofir has worked extensively in geotechnical drilling projects, and structural geology and geological mapping projects.

Sa'adia Suliman, BSc.

Tunneling geologist, close to completion of MSc in engineering geology – University of Padova, Italy, with emphasis on tunneling and slope stabilityExperience in bitumen sands and soil contamination.

Yonatan Elfassi, BSc.

Geologist, geo-physicist, experienced in seismic surveys, seismic interpretation, electrical resistivity surveys, ground penetrating radar, seismic hazard analysis, raw material quarrying, and engineering geology..

Zvika Gvirtzman, MSc.

Geologist, experienced in fossil fuel geochemistry, raw material quarrying, hydro-geology, and engineering geology.


.Vadim Vasylevskyi, MSc

Geologist, experienced in the field of raw materials and engineering geology. Has worked in the field of minerals and metals in crystalline rocks.



Elad Dafny, PhD.

.Senior hydro-geologist with over 15 years of experience in underground infrastructure projects and environmental surveys


Soil and water pollution

David Sarfati, MSc.

 Hydro-geologist, certified soil sampler, certified water sampler, carried out historical survey (Phase 1), soil surveys, gas-soil-water surveys (Phase 2), experienced in geotechnical borehole drilling and supervision, and tunnel mapping


Environment and statutory planning

Sharon Cohen, M.A.

Manager of the environmental and planning department, Sharon has extensive experience in managing hundreds of projects and implementing plans in accordance with the Planning and Building Laws, the Urban, Rural, and Building Planning Laws. Sharon also carries out Environmental Impact Surveys.


Merav Hernando, B.A.

Environmental consultant, Merav works on the preparation and implementation of Environmental Impact Surveys. She oversees aspects related to the environmental activities of client companies, as well as manages and implements planned projects, and assists with and prepares environmental documents.

Inbal Mintz, M.A.

Project Manager, Responsible for the planning and implementation of projects from the local to the national level.  Interfaces with client companies to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

Gilad Hazan, Ph.D.

Environmental consultant, team leader. Gilad has extensive experience in sustainable development projects, planning, drafting and implementing Environmental Impact Surveys. Gilad plans and assists with drafting environmental documents to be used for implementing projects. As well, he is responsible for the management and completion of planned projects, and the management of environmental systems. Gilad completed  his doctorate in urban planning.

Shiri Glick, M.A.

Environmental consultant. Shiri drafts environmental impact surveys, assists with and drafts environmental documents for the oversight of project operations. Shiri has extensive  experience in urban planning research.

Israel Armon, M.A.

Environmental consultatnt, drafting environment impact surveys and acoustics consultant.

Marina Basel, M.A.

Environmental consultant, team leader. Preparing Environment Impact Documents, cosulting in environmental planning projects.

Zohara Efrat, M.A.

Environmental consultant, preparing and promoting Environmental Impact Documents and Assessments.

Chaggi Roth, M.A.

Environmental consultant, preparing Environmental Impact Documents in a variety of fields such as transportation, railways and drilling. Preparing maps for assessments and managing the GIS array in the company.

Noa Cohen, M.A.

Environmental Consultant, Noa is responsible for drafting  Environmental Impact Surveys.

Yossi Erel, PhD.

Air quality consultant and meteorology, pollutant dispersion models, writes chapters of air quality surveys, provides advice in setting up / upgrading air monitoring systems for factories and quarries that require continuous environmental monitoring. Responsible for the supervision of system performance monitoring. In addition he is a lecturer in the Department of Environmental Sciences Tel Hai College. Advises on meteorological and environmental aspects of using solar and wind energy.

Yulia Kosman, MA.

.Environmental consultant, experienced in Environmental Impact Surveys, project accompaniment and consultation regarding environmental planning


Statutory Planning

Michal Eytan, M.A.

Project Manager, Statutory Coordinator of National Infrastructure Plan 35 - the long-term solution to the Dead Sea Preservation Company Ltd. (salt harvesting). Former Director of Infrastructure Planning Division, Planning Manager issues, the Ministry of Interior.

Katie Brayer, B.A.Architect engineer diploma

Planning  and  preparation of infrastructure plans, particularly plans for mining and quarrying , all statutory hierarchy – outline plans , regional master plans , detailed plans , work plans, and requests for building permits.

Yulia Eigel, B.A., Architect engineer diploma

Planning and preparation of infrastructure plans, particularly plans for mining and quarrying,  and all statutory hierarchy - outline plans, district plans, detailed plans, work plans, and building permit applications.

Olga Danda, Engineer

Planning, preparation of infrastructure plans , particularly plans for mining and quarrying , all statutory hierarchy -outline plans, regional master plans, detailed plans, work plans and building permit applications . Previous experience: architectural plans , plan 38, construction and structural  quality inspection lab.

Vika Leitmann, Engineer

Computer graphics and drafting, computer manager . Civil engineer in the water and sewage field.

Shlomo Perarnaud, M.Sc.

Project Manager, Urban and Regional Planner, Engineer. Management of planning projects (infrastructures, energy, environment, etc.).


Andrew Lyon,, P.Eng

Mining engineer, Andrew is a professionally registered mining engineer from Canada with 10 years' experience in Open Pit Mine Engineering. His expertise is in long range mine planning in commodities such as copper and gold, and is now using his knowledge to help schedule and design quarries in Israel. His skills in mining software are effectively being used across a wide range of Geo-Prospect's projects, with activities such as block modelling, 3D geological databases, geological surface and solid creation and mine design.

Ilana Gedj, Pactical Architectural Engineer

.Planner, preparing plans and requests for building permits for engineering facilities and subsidiary facilities, in particular plans for quarrying and mining sites