Quality Policy

Quality policy is implemented by adopting a culture of quality management, which principals are:

  • Management of quality systems according to the requirements of ISO 9001, and soil sampling according to Israeli standard 17025
  • Establishment of a culture of customer-focused service (internal and external)
  • Recognition and response to demands, expectations, and needs of the client
  • Nurturing our human resources
  • Taking professional responsibility for quality performance of every one of the company‚Äôs employees
  • Implementing a culture of constant improvement of all company activities while involving the employees as teams or otherwise.
  • Treating our suppliers as partners.
  • Utilizing the appropriate technologically advanced high-end methods and tools.
  • Decency and fairness is our way.

Quality standards:

  • Customer satisfaction on the long-run.
  • Good performance from the beginning.
  • Optimal quality-cost.