Natural Resources

Geo-Prospect Ltd. has been performing a fair amount of the Environmental Influence Assessments for quarries and mines and their expansions in Israel. These allow for exploitation of various natural resources to the various aggregates for construction and industry. The company also prepares assessments for various factories.

Influence Assessment Surveys prepared for quarries:
Shapir quarries – Vered-Wadi Ara, Natuf.
Even VeSid quarries – Modi'in quarry, Golani.
Hamehapech quarry.
Kefar Giladi quarries – Amiad, Tene Omarin, Betiha.
Nesher-Ramla quarries, Tamra, Kedma.
Phosphate mines in the Negev.

Influence Assessment Surveys for factories related to the natural resources industry:
The lime factory in Shefiya, Bitomat factory, Beton Yatir factory, DSI factory in Dimona.