Geo-Prospect Ltd. conducts Environment Influence Assessments and writes environmental opinion documents and acts both as the writer of the assessments as well as consultants in various fields.

The purpose of the environmental documents is to review the potential of environmental influence as a result of implementing the plan/project at hand. An Environmental Influence Assessment is a tool in the statutory procedure, that enables the planning institutions to make decisions concerning the promotion and approval of a plan.

The reviewing process includes air quality, noise nuisances, water and soil contamination as well as visual landscape influence. The work is done by getting to know the area of the plan and in combination with mathematical models and widely accepted calculations to predict the nuisances.

The influence assessments are conducted for a wide variety of projects. The company has conducted many dozens of environmental documents and assessments to date.

The company also provides environmental planning and consulting services for a variety of projects as well as on-going supervision of environmental aspects that our clients require in their regular operations.