Quality standards

Geo-prospect Ltd. utilizes a quality assurance system that is compatible with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and is authorized by the Standards Institution of Israel. Our quality assurance system puts in place proper working procedures and quality controls, in order to systematically and consistently assure continuing client satisfaction.
Geo-prospect Ltd. is a certified soil sampling laboratory, accredited by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority by Israel Standard ISO 17025.  Our laboratory team has expert knowledge of the requirements of the regulatory agencies, which is offered as part of the consultation services we provide to the Israel Ministry of Environmental Protection. Our clients in this field include: industrial plants, infrastructure contractors, and military bases where there is suspicion of soil contamination, due mainly to leakage of petrol and other dangerous materials. Our lab carries out soil surveys which include a series of boreholes and soil sampling from different depths, in order to clearly describe the contamination both horizontally and vertically. Based on the results of the analyses, we recommend suitable courses of treatment for the soil (removal to Ramat Hovav for biological treatment, removal to mixed waste site or treatment on site –“in-situ”). Certification by the ISO 17025 standard highlights our professional competence and the operation of a quality management system with international recognition, and fits the demands of the Ministry of Environmental Protection for conducting soil surveys. 
Our soil sampling team members are trained by the technical manager of Geo-prospect’s  soil laboratory. The team includes leading professionals in the geological and environmental protection field.