Air Quality

Models for examining air quality:
Preparation of air quality sections in about 80 surveys, expert opinions on air quality and meteorology using computerized models authorized for use by the American EPA. Consulting in establishing/upgrading air monitoring arrays around factories and quarries where continuous environmental monitoring is required. After establishment – follow-up and supervision of the monitoring array.

The models that we work with:

AERMOD - The main model of pollutants distribution used by the US Environmental Protection Agency. 
The AEROMOD is a model for assessing the concentration of pollutants of various emission sources. The model can simulate transportation and distribution of various point, surface or volume sources. The distribution is calculated based on up-to-date characterization of the planetary boundary layer, among others. The location of the emission sources can be urban or in school areas, and the receptors may be located in flat or complex topography. The model makes use of hourly meteorological input data to estimate the concentrations on different average times ranging from one hour to one year.

CAL3QHC - Pollutant distribution model in traffic scenarios including busy junctions.

CALPUFF - A multi-layer model simulating the meteorological influences changing in space and time of pollutant transportation, transformation and removal from the atmosphere.
The use of CALPUFF is mainly for vast areas starting from a radius of a few dozen meters from the emission source to the last receptor and up to hundreds of kilomters.
The model includes different algorithms for calculating the many effects occurring in the process of scattering in the atmosphere, both close to the emission source and very far from it.

PLUVUE - A model for assessing pollutant distribution and background concentrations on visibility.

9WATER - A model for assessing the rate of pollutant emission from sewage treatment facilities. 

TANKS - A model for calculating factors on leakage from containers.

Numerous plans of quarries and quarry-expansions such as:
Vered quarries – Industrial area plan and expansion plan – Shapir
Nesher Ramle quarry – preparation of a new national outline plan for the quarry – Tamra quarry - Nesher, Modi'im quarry – Even Vesid/Redimix, Hanaton quarry, Migdal Tsedek quarry – Hanson company, Mining fields – phosphates.
Sadeh Barir – a survey model and additional tests – National Infrastructure Plan 35 – urgent defenses, Dead Sea Works, compost sites – Mivtachim, Ohad, Dudaim, Ayalot and others – landfill sites – Dudaim, Evron, Ef'a, Te'enim and others – sewage treatment facilities – Nebi Musa, Kidron, detailed plan for the Port of Eilat, various tests for the Haifa Port, roads and infrastructure-Ashdod Interchange D (Nir Galim), Yagur Interchange, Road 70, examining alternatives for a land gas station and more. Power plants – supervision of regular monitoring of dust levels for the port of Eilat, filing requests for emission permits, guiding factories on the subject of PRTR.
Dust measurements: 
The company co-ordinates monitoring plans for clients who are required to do so by the Ministry for Environmental Protection and makes sure these tests are performed regularly for quarries and factories. The company also promotes possible technological solutions for the reduction of dust emissions.
Outline plans and environmental guidelines.
Supervision of outline plans
The company's team of consultants is integrated within teams of local outline planning and shares their its experience in the fields of acoustics, air quality, ground water pollution, etc.
Preparation of environmental guidelines for companies:
Geo-Prospect Ltd. provides assistance to large companies in creating environmental guidelines to in operating the company. Geo-Prospect provides assistance to the client when implementing those guidelines.

Select Projects:
Preparation of Environment Guidelines Document (EGD) for the Fishing Dock in the Kishon – for the Israel Ports Company.
Preparation of EGD for the coal terminal in Ashdod (in the making).
Preparation of EMS for the Hanson Company (5 quarries and 35 concrete plans) – for Hanson Israel.