Seismic Hazards

Geo-Prospect Ltd. provides consulting in the field of seismic hazards for engineering facilities, residential areas, military facilities, infrastructure facilities, environmental assessment surveys and according to the client's needs. The consulting includes risk assessment related to earthquakes, ground motion, active geological faults, landslides and rock fall and tsunami.

Select projects:
The solar powerplant in Ashalim – environmental influence survey
The Israel-Egypt gas pipeline – oil and energy infrastructure
The salt harvest in the Dead Sea – Dead Sea Works
Construction of the powerplant in Kiryat Shemona – private
Ayalon Tavor powerplant – for the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
Rutenberg powerplant – for the IEC
Gezer powerplant – IEC
Ashqelon-Ashdod gas pipeline – For the Ministry of National Infrastructre
Engineering facilities in the Sewage Purification Institute of Gush Dan (SHAFDAN) – for the Dan City Union for Sewage
Pumped storage hydroelectricity Gilboa and Manara – for Electra Ltd.
Various military facilities – Ministry of Defense
Timna Mine – for Arava Mines Ltd.
Various water reservoirs – for Mekorot and Tahal Ltd.