Minerals and Metals

Geo-prospect Ltd. conducts surveys for identifying and characterizing minerals and metal deposits   worldwide, based on client requirements. The company follows projects from location of the deposits, through the stages of definition and characterization of the deposit, evaluating quantities, planning and overseeing the various mining stages. Geo-prospect Ltd. works in conjunction with consultants in the technological and financial fields. The company also connects entrepreneurs  and investors in the fields of minerals and metals worldwide.
Geo-prospect has experience in the area of gold, iron, copper, lead, diamonds, and gemstones among others. The company operates in Tanzania, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, India, Liberia, Albania, Ghana, China, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Nigeria, and others locations.

Selected Projects:
West Africa - a comprehensive geological survey to detect and characterize iron deposits. The survey included geological mapping, sampling, chemical analyzes at the ALS laboratory in Ireland and overseeing ground magnetic surveys. The project's next steps include a planned aerial magnetic survey and a core drilling program with a total length of 2000 m.