Geo-prospect Ltd. carries out geological surveys to identify and characterize hydrocarbons worldwide. The company is also engaged in the statutory stages for obtaining the required exploration permits, as well as leading the planning and mining of the deposits.

Selected Projects:

Bituminous sands (Oil Sand) :

China - A comprehensive geological survey characterizing bituminous sand deposit (Oil Sand). The survey was carried out between 2005 and  2010 and included three drilling campaigns, totaling 160 drill cores, and accompaniment of the aerial magnetic and electromagnetic survey, in an area of 270 square kilometers. Data processing included the creation of a three-dimensional model of the deposit reserve, an estimation model for examining the economic parameters of the deposit (e.g. tv:bip), valuation, drainage basin analysis, testing the oil flow model, and geochemical characterization of the Oil Sands.  In 2010 a pilot plant was built in order to produce oil in an innovative manner. Geo-prospect professionals participated in the technological development, design, and construction of a small mine at the site.

Albania – A comprehensive geological survey bituminous sand deposit characterization (Oil Sand). The survey, which began in 2010 at a site covering an area of 8 square kilometers, included extensive geological mapping and core drilling to a depth of 180 meters. In 2012 the company began a survey to characterize the bitumen sand layer at an additional site covering an area of about 4 square kilometers. Data processing, which is underway, includes three dimensional modeling for estimation of reserves and geochemical characterization. At the same time we participate, as team members, examining the oil production plant sites to be built at one of the sites.

Locating bituminous sands deposits worldwide - currently we serve as consultants for an Israeli company looking for other Oil Sand (OS) sites worldwide. Consulting  includes the study and identification of deposits where there is potential for accumulation of bitumen in sandy sections, examining existing surveys of known OS sites, sight visits, and conducting reviews that include investor risk assessments.

Shale Oil (Oil Shale):

Rotem - Geological survey to characterize an Oil Shale site covering an area of 1.5 square kilometers at the Rotem Plain. The survey was carried out in 2011 and included a drilling operation, an updated three-dimensional model, and geochemical testing of the target layer. At the culmination of the project we submitted a geological report, and as a result the statutory process began in order to enable the establishment an Oil Shale manufacturing plant.

Detection of shale deposits and statutory coordination in Israel - This project includes examination of sites previously studied by the Geological Survey of Israel,  a preliminary geological survey including a literature review and preliminary field survey, planning of detailed geological surveys, submission of applications for exploration permits to the Petroleum Commissioner and Supervisor of Mines at the Ministry of Energy and Water .